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We will rebuild worlds....

Once impaled for our faith and trained to speak in voiceless whispers
we’ll implore
you to produce the list
from hallowed memories
of our people disgraced
as outcastes
as untouchable at
sixty-four feet
denied a life
and livelihood and done to death In so many ways it would take
an encyclopedia to describe and steven-spielberg
or some-such-guy to produce the special effects for a blockbuster version
not just the stories of how
you charred to death forty-four of our men and women and children
because they asked for handfuls of rice
electrocuted children to instant death because they played in your well
and other ghastly carnages But the crimes of passion
our passion
your crimes
poured poison and pesticide through the ears-nose-mouth
or hanged them in public
because a man and a woman dared to love
and you wanted
to teach
other boys and other girls
the lessons of
how to
whom to
when to
where to
continue their caste lines And we will refresh your mind with other hi…

A poem of Ratanbai- one of less known medieval period's gujarati poet

RATANBAI (12th-14th century)
Ratanbai was a Gujarati bhakti poet of medieval  period.Unlike Meerabai (1498-1565) she did not belongs to royal background rather, she made her living at the spinning wheel. A rare example of our own feminist heritage... My spinning wheel is dear to me, My sister
My spinning wheel is dear to me, my sister; My household depends on it. My husband married me and departed; He went abroad to earn a living.
After twelve years he returned, With a copper coin and a half; He went to bathe in the Ganga, Dropped the copper coin and a half.
Mother, father, father-in-law, mother-in-law, One and all rejected us; The spinning wheel was our savior, To it we clung.
I paid off all my husband's debts And over and above Tying coin after coin in the corner of my sari I earned a whole rupee.
Translated by Nita Ramaiya

नारी मुक्ति का सवालः मार्क्सवाद के परिप्रेक्ष्य में- का. विनोद मिश्र

(प्रस्तुत लेख भाकपा-माले (लिबरेशन) के तत्कालीन महासचिव का. विनोद मिश्र ने तकरीबन १८-१९ साल पहले आधी जमीन, अप्रैल-जून 1993 के अंक में लिखा था. महिला मुक्ति के व्यापक आयामों पर बात करता यह लेख अपनी मूल प्रस्थापना के साथ आज की बदली हुई परिस्थिति की भी समाझ विकसित करने में पर्याप्त मददगार है. हांलांकि यह बात सच है कि उस समय जो एक 'नए दौर ' की आस जगी थी वो समय बीतने के साथ अपने विकृततम रूप में सामने आती गयी और ये नई हकीकतें नई व्याख्याओं की मांग भी करती हैं , पर संघर्षों कि दिशा दुरुस्त रखने के लिए यह आलेख बेहद जरूरी है.)
नारी मुक्ति आज भी करीब-करीब सारी दुनिया के नारी समाज का नारा है। इसका मतलब हुआ कि मानवता का आधा हिस्सा आज भी पराधीन है। हम सर्वहारा की मुक्ति की बात करते हैं,किसानों की मुक्ति की बात करते हैं, राष्ट्रों की मुक्ति की बात करते हैं। राष्ट्रों की मुक्ति से हमारा मतलब उपनिवेशवादी, नवउपनिवेशवादी ताकतों के आर्थिक-राजनीतिक शिकंजे से मुक्ति होता है। दुनिया के बहुत से राष्ट्र मुक्त हैं और बाकी में मुक्ति की लड़ाई चल रही है। किसानों की मुक्ति से हमारा मतलब सामंती जकड़नों से …

Fact Finding Report on the Rapes in Haryana

A team of leaders and activists of AIPWA and AISA visited Haryana on 12-13 October, to investigate the alarming spate of rape cases in the state. The team comprised of AIPWA National Secretary Kavita Krishnan, JNU Students’ Union Councillor Anubhuti Bara, and AISA activists from Delhi University, Prerna and Saurabh Naruka. The team was accompanied by Comrade Prem Singh Gehlawat, in-charge of the CPI(ML) for Haryana.
Findings and observations of the team are as follows:
Dabra Case
Reshma (name changed), aged 16 years, belonging to Dalit community (Chamar) was gangraped by 8 persons on September 9, 2012 near Dabra village in Hisar district.
Rape and Resistance – A Survivor’s Account
“On September 9, I was on the way to my grandmother’s (and maternal uncle’s) home in Hisar town, around 3 pm, when I was dragged into a car in which there were 8 men, and taken to a deserted place near a tube-well. They made phone calls after which four more arrived on bikes. They (12 in all) all raped me,…