Get To Know Women-Related Laws

Laws and courts are often deeply anti-women themselves. But women’s movements on several occasions have achieved progressive changes in laws and forced laws to reflect women’s rights. Let us get to know some of the more important features of laws that relate to women specifically. 

The Mathura Case 
Mathura was a teenage adivasi girl in Maharashtra. She was in love with a boy and so her family filed a case of abduction against the boy. She was inside the police station in this matter while her family waited outside. Two policemen raped her inside the police station. The lower court acquitted the the policemen. But the Bombay High Court overturned the acquittal and convicted the policemen. 
But in September 1979, a Supreme Court bench comprising Justices Jaswant Singh, Kailasam and Koshal reversed the judgement given by Bombay high court in the case (Tukaram vs State of Maharashtra.) The judgement said that Mathura had raised no protest, and there was no visible injury on her body – th…

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